The Future of Cleveland Schools: Transformation...

The Future of Cleveland Schools: Transformation and Response

Dan Moulthrop
on May 20, 2012

There is a minor revolution happening in the second largest school district in Ohio. In early 2012, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson released a new plan for transforming the city’s public schools, representing a major shift in thinking and practice. The proposal is so dramatic it requires legislative approval.

From May 21st to the 23rd, we hosted a three-day online forum featuring some of the plan’s designers and some administrators and teachers who will be responsible for implementing it. There were open invitations to everyone in the community to participate.

More information and resources can be found by clicking explore the whole project above. This forum was the product of a collaboration with Sound of Ideas on 90.3 FM WCPN.

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Will you support the levy in November?

By: Dan Moulthrop on June 27, 2012

On the November ballot, Cleveland voters will likely be asked to approve a new property tax levy to support the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Voters haven't approved an operating levy in Cleveland since 1996. So, even though we don't yet know how much the Mayor will ask for, will you support it? And, for the purposes of this poll, you don't have to be a Cleveland resident to participate.   

Results Your vote results are marked in blue

90% Yes, I will support the levy.

I will support the levy either with a vote, my own advocacy, or both. 

9% No, I will not support the levy

I do not think property tax payers should be asked for more money to fund the CMSD.